Mutual consent

Sir, i am a lawyer by profession practicing here in New Delhi. i am stuck at one point and is not getting particular solution to this querry. in one of my case, the matter was settled for mutual consent for 6 lakhs wherein two lakhs were decided to be given after first motion and rest of the amount of four lakhs was to be paid in the name of the child/daughter by way of fixed deposit for a period of 10 yrs under the guardian ship of mother. I am the counsel for the husband. now what happens is, the wife at the time of second motion has already signed the petition and has also appeared before the bank a day before for the formalities of fixed deposit. On the next day, the matter was listed for hearing wherein she refused to appear and is demanding more money going out of the way of the mutually agreed agreement between the parties. now the Ld Judge is refusing to notice to the wife for non appearance. virtually she has received all of the money. Ld. Judge is asking for some judgements pertaining to this. sir, kindly help as what can be the best suited thing that can be done in this regard or where can we approach in regard to this as now the 18 months are also about to get over in some time. thanks, Aditya.