Property from mother sold by son-challenged by daughter-in-law.

Self acquired property – sale deed challenged by daughter-in-Law claiming arrears and right to reside in the house of her father in law, which her father in law had sold in his life time, on the basis of the case already disposed off by the court filed by her under domestic violence Act, 2005 directing her husband to provide the same. My Grand father in his life time executed will to the effect that during his own life time he will remain owner in possession of the house and after his death his wife (my grandmother) will be owner of that property. After the death of my Grand father, my Grand mother was the owner of the dwelling house, which earlier was in the name of her husband (my grandfather). My Grandmother during her life time through a family settlement followed by consented decree from the court divided the house in two parts. One part was given by her to my father and one part to My Uncle. My Grand mother had passed away thereafter. My father sold his house during his life time, which he had received from his mother through family settlement followed by consented decree by the Court. Daughter in law of my father (wife of my younger brother, who never lived with our father) has challenged the sale deed claiming arrears of maintenance awarded by the court in domestic violence case, which the court had ordered against her husband (my younger) brother. Given the circumstances, whether the property in the name of my Grandmother during her life time was her self acquired property ? Further, whether after division of the same by her during her life time among her two son by way of family settlement followed by consented decree was also self acquired property of my father who sold it in his life time and has expired in April, 2014. After the death of my father, the above mentioned daughter-in-law of my father has made myself and my mother, one brother and two sisters party to the suit pending the court. Her husband (my one another brother) and the person to whom my father had sold the house are a already party. What is legal position and case law ?