Maintaince and alimony

My marriage held in 2012, we blessed with a child on 2014, after 6 months of child my wife goes to her house and doesn't came back, when I met her she simple says I can't stay with your parents I want live separately when I denied she says then stay at home, after few months I agreed then she has another condition of 40 lacs of FD as a security.. Then I denied and 2 months she filed a case domestic violence case against me and asking for 25k maintaince from me and my monthly salary is 50k and fixed aliminy if 40 lacs... Their parents threat me that they will put me and my parents behind bars.. How can I afford 25k maintance in 50k salary as previously because of her I already taken PL of 4 lacs which I am paying till now.. ???? There parents threat me that they will send my wife and my daughter out of India and I will just fooling around here in the case.. Can she take my daughter outside India for settling (as she is 1 year old and don't have a passport,might be my wife had made her passport after going to her parents house)...????? How much maintance will be put in me, as my salary is 50k and I am paying EMI of 12k for personal loan??? She has filed a case in which there parents has said that they have spend 40 lacs they want back 40 lacs as I told them to take the material back , they denied as they say that the material is 2nd hand..they only want cash,!! How much I have to pay alimony as my salary is 50k with not anyother assets.????