No approval from Authority for commencement

Dear All, Please be informed that said property is in Maharshtra and consist of 17 societies which will be come Federation after completion of all society formation. Facts: 1. The said buidings is in gram panchayat area (Raigad District) 2. The buildings has valid survey number and is Non-agricultural land and has been cross verified with Raigad collector office records 3. 8 out of 17 society has been formed and other society is in the process of formation. 4. Collector approved NA project. 5. No permanent solution to drinking water. The water has been pumped out from a near by dam which is not meant for residential use. 6. No society has received their individual conveyance from builder. 7. Builder is charging INR 150 towards water charges and has stopped charging maintainance charges due to which basic amenties are not available For Ex: Security, Road Street lights etc. 8. Society Electricity meter is in name of builder and is in process of getting transferred to members. 9. One society has filed RTI with collector and in reply they have confirmed that they have not provided commencement certificate to builder. 10. Builder is showing gram panchayat dakla certificate wich states that building constructions is completed and ready to occupy but it seems that gram panchayat has candidly told that they have no powers to issue commencement and occupancy certificate. 11. on asking CC and OC, builder tells it will be given to federation and due to various internal issues it seems federation is not possible not at the moment. 12. Builder does nor respond after asking them OC, CC and Conveyance certificate 13. Builder has cheated on us by providing us the incorrect details regarding water solution 14. Members has occupied flats without OC. Require solutions: 1. Remedy (to whom we need to approach and appeal process) 2. Society want to get CC, OC and Conveyance 3. Permanent solution to society and Federation 4. Water permanenet solutions 5. In case if where society is yet to be formed what should be way forward process or solution.