Living relation

Sir my name swetha i got married in 2010 before marriage i said to my father that iam not intrested in marriage because my mother died in 2009 and my father got married in 2010 so i was in depression so they forced me to get marriage my father and stepmother but after three days of marriage i came to knw da person is having some health problems so after one three months i came to knw that their parents and my parents cheated me by not telling me he is impotent for my parents my step mother is pregant so she wanted me out of house and my husbands family want me for society to show their son is perfect so aftet three months i came to house my father not allowed me to come in so he said go to ur husband house r stay amywhr so i went to hostal and stayed there i have joined a job .After dat both had mutual concern divorce in 2012.After that my father dont want to have any relation with me so stayed in hostel i put my profile in amatrimony site so next day i got a cal from one person his name harish age 36 having a child and said he divorced i said iam not intrested because age difference is 12 years but he made so many calls and convencid me so got married ina temple i got pregancy in first month after third month i came to knw he is not divorced and had many ilegal affairs so again i was cheated so i said i wil abort but again he convinced me i dont any option no support from any one single women its being 7years his wife left him now he is willing to join his first wife what to do i spoiled my life