Auction of property - How to stop?

Dear Sir / Madam My Grandfather expired , he has 2 sons and 2 daughters / ( one of the daughter is my mother ) // . There are two immovable property (land with constructed house) for my grandfather. after he expired, there was an dispute with each 4 members of family. 2 sons filed the case in fast track Civil court to sell the house(immovable prp) and while my mother came to know , we filed CRP in highcourt. While in this short duration, 2 sons (my uncles) plotted a plan , and within a quick short of time. they got the auction order from judge and within a week they put an advertisement in a local newspaper and in the present week , a letter came to my mother that the auction will be conducted within 4 days. Please guide us. Is there any option to cancel or stop the auction. As My mother dont want money, she wants only place (portion available to her). But the other 3 are in the state of getting money. Please guide us;. whether my mother can stop the auction, we cannot take stay as auction takes place within 2 days from now,.../ what are the other possibilities. Regards Raghu