did my wife get her fathers property?

Hi sir, I am tharun my wife is not own daughter of their parents..she found by her father when she was two months baby in a rtc bus while her father is an rtc conductor at that time..now she was 27 age..she was not adoped legally when she found and she just brought up by their parents..they educated well and she had done MBA. all in her educational certificates their parents names was there..( i mean who brought up) now before one year her father(my father-in-law) died and his brother came as his son will be legal heir of the property..but the property is not their ancester or parents..all the property is only my father-in-law's own earning as he was a government employee..i am a hindu and she is a muslim..my father-in-law's brother saying that a muslim married girl will not get any right in the property..also my mother-in-law is thinking to give some property to my father-in-law's brother as bcoz she never had love on her daughter (bcoz she is not own daughter) and also my wife married me..i am hindu...my mother-in-law saying that she will give half property to my wife and remaing half she will give some property to my father-in-law's brother and remaining part for her survival and it will go to her brothers and sisters after her death...pls clarify this how much right did my wife had in her father's property?