to check the format of and FIR

HI all, please check if i need to make any updation;- To, Deputy Commissioner of Police, (South-West District) Police Station Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110 067 Subject: - Complaint against an officer of your kapas hera thana branch. Sir, My name is Tulsi Das Jha S/O Mr. Jaiveer jha wants to log a complaint against an officer of your Thana kapashera. I don’t know officer’s name ( Paramjeet as he informed) and he was not in his dress he was wearing only a T-shirt at that time. I can recognize him by his face only. On Sunday night, 1st of June approximate time between 1o’clock to 6 o’ clock in the morning of 2nd of June morning 2014. My friend booked a mega cab by her number ([deleted]) and when taxi driver came at instructed place my friend diverted her calls on my number because I had left the house for pitam pura which is my residence. So, when taxi driver called on my friends’ number. The call landed on my mobile ([deleted]) which is different. When I received the call from taxi driver I told him I am not the one who booked the cab and I don’t want it. He started arguing with me so I became arrogant because I told him same thing I did not booked the cab 5 times peacefully. But, he did not understand it. And if the person is saying I don’t want the cab now he should has went back to the company because it is not his concern to argue with me. It is actually the concern between the person who booked mega cab and Cab Company. And, at that time I was drunk as well. But he was arguing with me and he made me arrogant and in frustrated. I abused him two or three times or may be five times, he threatened me of police. In anger I also went to police with him. He told his story to police that he had recorded our conversation on mobile but he did not played it at the front of police, I went to police. I thought, I didn’t do anything wrong so there would be no problem but policeman took his statement only and it’s just I was drunk he did not take my statement and he did not allow me to speak as well. The on duty officer who was not wearing his dress just wearing a t -shirt. I was not able to see his name. I asked him; what is your name, then he slapped me then and spoke “what would you do of my name”. I said you have no right to assault me then he slapped me again. I said I will take action against you. I will go to SP or Commissioner of Delhi and said I want to record everything so I pulled up my mobile phone (I was about to call my lawyer)and I was about to record our conversation he snatched my mobile from me and grabbed my hair very roughly and again he slapped me very hardly and spoke; “You are trying to make afraid of SP and DSP. We people are SP and DSP and we will show how to be reached to SP and DSP. You can’t record our conversation (well, because he just slapped me I just wanted him to note my complaint as well. I really took it very seriously). I told them this is not fair because you are only listening to the cab driver. So no matter what it comes now in future I want it to be logged as an FIR that is why whatever was the conversation going on there I wanted to record on my mobile he again slapped me for that and took my mobile away from me and abused me a lot. “Then he told me that he will make a case against me. You will have to pay 10,000 Rs fine in the court you‘ll be sent to Tihad Jail. He started threatening me. I was very angry with their partiality with me. I was strongly insisting them to make an FIR and lodge a case against me and the cab driver. But they were only threatening me. I told them 50 times do what you think is necessary but it seemed like they had any relation with the cab driver and he was trying to save him. After that I said it’s not your job to give a judgment. I request you to make an FIR and court will decide who is wrong and right. He said do try to threaten me of court. We guys everyday go and pee in the court (it seemed like they people not at all respect our judiciary system). This was the statement hit my mind if I would not complained against them they would not respect court and the same nasty things will be repeated with someone else as well because I have faith in my judiciary and I would have no concern about anything. What concerned me a lot that they do not care about their seniors, court and any of the respected post. That is why I am requesting you to make an FIR against those people and investigate into the matter if I would have recorded their words you would have understood they do not respect for you seniors as well at all. After that they took me to AIIMS and got my alcohol test done and the result was 69.5 or something at last he was the one who told me do not drink again and spared me easily. I wanted to advise him as well drinking is not bad but if I am doing anything wrong like drinking in a public place or something that is wrong. If drinking is wrong it would have been banned many years ago. It’s not all of them were rude to me there was one officer he was nice to me as well so what I believe in a department there might be 90% bad officer but there would be 10 % good officer who would understand why I want to make a FIR. I don’t have any personal grudges with anyone but the one who does not respect the law, court and their seniors should not be spared. So will not stop till the time I do not get those 10% of people who would understand my concern and help me to get justice. At last cab driver who went to police was asking money from my fried(who denied to pay any money) to let case go off that shows his intension that he intentionally created the whole scenario so that he can get any money from us. And please do take care because he was threatening my friend that if Tulsi Das takes this case any future he will have to face much lethal consequences. So I am afraid that he may misuse of his position and power against me. I request you to kindly pay attention and log an FIR against those people.