About Child custody & Child Support

Hi My question is a bit filmy type but need a serious answer on this case - if a child is born out of wedlock and the mother of the child gives NOC to a family, not known to her quite well, so that the family can take care of the child. The reason for giving the child to that family was that the mother wasn't financially sound and going through lots of problem. The turning point is - As soon as the biological father came to know about the pregnancy of the girl, he denied any responsibility of the unborn child. The biological father is already married & have family & children. After sometime, the girl- the biological mother, now wants her child back from the family to whom she has given her baby with NOC. my first question - Will she (the biological mother) be able to get her child back from that family? 2) According to INdian Law, Will she be able to upbring her child in this society without the name/help/support of the child's biological father? 3) Even if she is not financially sound, any role of the child's biological father in the upbringing of the child - like school, college and so on and how important and how much necessary it is? Does the NOC required from Biological father everytime for such process like admission in school, making passport? If they are not legally married, still the biological father is abide by the Indian Law to make compensation or monthly maintenance to mother & child? 4) What about the Supporting documents like Id/address proof of the child - like passport, voter id, PAN card in future? Does the name of biological father required in this regard? Looking forward for legal answer/advice in this case. Regards Ms. Anjali