What should be my next move?

I apologise for a terribly long post ! My husband and I got married last year after we met on a matrimony site. Frankly, these points helped me think he is a decent person to settle with- Profile was created by his mom and it stated as follows -extremely loving boy, we only need a daughter to complete our family -Salary 9Lakhs pa (MBA in marketing) -upper middle class educated family -single/never married Coming to the point. Our marriage lasted only 2 months. These 2 months were enough for me to understand that he is a very short tempered person, insecure, bully, suspecious,lier, aggressive person. His family also agreed to the short tempered part. He never needed a reason to fight. Along with that, he never allowed me to call my parents nor did he allow me to meet them. He refused to get me a sim card(as I moved to his city after marriage). I was made to cook all day long, babysit his niece while they all went to work, on weekends he never wanted to step out. on the last day of the 2 months I stayed in his house, he, his mother left no stone unterned to harass me. I got to know that he doesnt own a flat in his name and that he and his mother had lied about it. I also that day found a wedding card that looked just like that of our wedding card, except the girl was different and the date was dated a 5 months before our wedding. I realised I had no reason to stay. I was sent off by his brother and nobody ever called me till date. He sent me a memorandom of understanding stating mutual divorce and that my jewellery will be returned only at the time of divorce. Which is when I filed for DV, it has been 8 months in court and just got done with mediation. He just doesnt want me. Our marriage was fabricated, his marriage to another girl last year was called off just 3 days before the wedding due to dowry demands(this was hidden from us), he is stating that his package is only 5.5L pa, and that they are poor. What should be my next move? I have his matrimony profile screenshots to prove his salary and family status details, an undertaking by us signed by his mother that they have my jewellery, I have a recording of his mother abusing me with filthy language, I have all the emails where his brother is demanding AC cars for all their relatives during the marriage. I feel terribly cheated. I feel bad for troubling my parents inspite of them being so supportive. Kindly let me know if I should go for dowry/409? is there any other way of retrieving my stridhan from them? He only offered 5L and return of my stridhand as a compromise at the time of mediation, to which I refused.