Divorce + case to get back my ex

I was in relationship for almost 3-4 years, meanwhile the boy rejected to get married and I had to marry where my parents were pushing me. Its been 3 years now and I am still not settled in my married life, moreover I am still interested to go back to my ex boyfriend. The situation becomes complex because he's also married now and he's not willing to create any problems at family level. From my side, I know how complex is the situation is, but even after knowing everything, my mind is not settling down, I dont get peace without talking to him, neither I am interested to settle in my married life. Also my husband is impotent and hence we could never establish our relation - one because of his medical problem and second because of my mental state. I usually feel that I will become mad one day or will get heart attack, as because of this complex situations i am already loosing my mind and spoiling my health. I dont know.. i dont want to do anything without my ex. I really need to be my side. I dont feel doing anything. So one of my point is - even after 3 years of marriage, when we are still not in relationship, can I apply for the divorce? I also tried to talk for the same with my husband, he never replies, he is not taking any medication, neither interested to go to any doctor, neither he's willing to talk with our parents. So I am stuck from two sides. Second - is there any law which can help me in fighting with the society to get back my ex. because he's only concerned about the rapport in the society because of which he refused to come back.