Wife staying away and not ready to return home.

I am 29 years old and my wife is 24 years old we have married (arrange) a year ago, after marriage we were having continuous fights. 3 months ago my wife got a job at call center and within a 10 days of job she left my home with a big fight. Her brother called and said she needs some break and she will be staying at her sister’s place for 2 days. It has been almost 3 months she haven’t returned home and staying at ladies hostel. Her parents and family are supporting her decision. My wife has blocked my cell nos, whatsapp and FB too. She had removed all marriage pics and our couple pics. When I met her and asked her to come back she is not ready. Her brother and father are not responding to our calls. From last month I am meeting my wife every day at her office/hostel and convince her but she says she need time. Her family are saying not to talk and contact me. Every time when we discuss about our future she says even if she will return home she will not adjust or compromise on anything, she will not cook food either or do household work. Her brother called last week and had and abused me. They are also spreading rumors and wrong notes about me and my family. Her brother is a divorce and has knowledge of family laws and he is scaring me to file a case and stating if I want my wife back I have to write on stamp paper/court affidavit on acceptance of her conditions. He was also threating and making false articulating claims about huge marriage expenses with all supporting receipts to show as evidence if required. I am totally sadden and feeling dejected, what should I do if I want a divorce? I am open and ready for a MCD but with the response they are giving I am sure this wouldn’t work out. Please help me with your valuable suggestions.