Harassment by Wife and her Family

I married on 10th of December 2015 and since then things are not right. She always tells all the things to her mother, father and Sister over the phone. She always blame me and my family that we are harassing all the time. He outspoken to my mother, sister and to myself. Their family always get hyper and calling her (Wife), please don't be afraid with them. We (Wife Side) will punish them. One incident happened couple of months back and they (Wife side) they harassed myself and my family under my house in front of my neighbors. They (Wife side) abused us many a times in front of neighbors. She always told to her parents that I do not want to live with them however they sometime says, please manage things. However she always forcefully said I do not want to live this family and with my husband. Her family members does not have any antiquates to talk and resolve the issue. These are the small issues and not turning into right direction. I want to know on what grounds, I can take a divorce. Please advice. Please note these information as well. I do not have any kid yet as her treatment is going on. I have one sister and she is 32 years old and unmarried. We are searching the groom for her. Her family always threatening us to kill us by somebody. Her family belongs to Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Her father is retired with Punjab National Bank, He was working as Deputy Manager. They have unmarried daughter as well. She is younger to my wife. I can take a divorce. Please advice.