Unnecessary Harresement of Wife & Interference her Parents

Hi, We got Married 04 Years ago & Have 01 Boy of about 2.5 Yrs. My Wife & her Paternts are Interfering my Family Excessively. Recently my wife & her Mother Made Conspiracy Agaist me for Having Second Baby without my Awarness & then Making me mad & throw me in Valley. I have Recorded proof for this matter & during asking to my wife she lied & start crying etc. Her Mother Confessed for this Statement aganist us, So we Send my Wife with her due to their Wrong Advice & Excessive Interference in our Personal Matters. Now it is of about 2 Months, her Fatehr & all are Taking out Old Unnecessary Matters that you are Not Keeping my Daughter Happy etc, In order to Hide their Current Matters. Not Allowing & Ready to Send my Wife Back to Home & My Wife Says Always that "What ever my Parents will tell tha I will do" (She is not Ready to Make any Decission Independently). Now My Wife & her Parents passing time & Telling that We will make Written Aggrement for Conditions & Not Ready to Follow Basic Conditions of Marriages & Modified Conditions in Such a way that in future what ever Happend I & my Parents will be Responsible. Pl. Guide me what to Do now. Rgds,