Advice received a Ex Parte Protection Order from separated wife,

I need general advice on how to present a possible defense or to handle the following situation. Try to be short but detailed My wife and I have been separated for a year plus, but had a off n on relationship throughout this time. Anytime we are off somehow I get surprised at the low blows she issues, example today I received a order of protection from Alabama . She has done this once before in my local county when we were still together, but dropped it dragging us through the courts orders to spend money and deal with their b.s.. Today's order is involving harrasing communications specifically using social media, annoying anoymas post and what she says I said (threats) . We have had our issues, stupidly too many times. Although married legally still, she has a boyfriend who she admitted few months back, she has had dhr take our son away, she falsely called police and told them i was breaking into her apartment when she invited me(no charges), fraudantly filed my taxes and used refund and more. To this point nothing legaly has happened, but since recently learning she traded sex for drugs during our relationship, and seeing her finally for what is real age is trying to cause legal issues. The claims of threats, breaking entering, stalking, car chase, drug abuse, attempted arson, refusing to sign divorce papers and constantly harassing her, all listed on protection order are false. What is true is posting a fake engagement and birth announcement on various websites, blogs, and social media for her and her boyfriend. Was done in a joking manner and something her and I both have done similar to in past. Simular to her texting me saying I'm too scared to drive to her or boyfriends house, taunting me, we live two hours apart and I'm not dumb enough to go onto a persons property especially when there expecting me. She has done well at planning this, savings messages, post, and emails. My question lies in do I.have a defense to this case? I have had several phone numbers throughout this period, most recent going back maybe two months, being my phone a prepaid I probably would do good getting call records showing we have consistently communicated, read in AL law post some defenses can be based around the communications and online post were not ment to be harrasing and didn't actually cause any annoyance. I do worry since she most likely has had people ask or mention the add it's somewhat provable especially with my experience being I'm going to be treated like a scum bag are have to be strongly provable to the court because if the allegations. I can bring written sworn testimonies from people who she has verbally and in written form admitted to luring about some accusations, witnessed previous false report, had affair with during marriage and slandered and abused my name falsely if taken to trial or helped. I have no problem with not communicating with her, she is no linger a part of my life, but these accusations will affect custody of son, affect how things are written in divorce papers, and be a permanent part of my record. She specifically mentioned in the harassment report both me refusing to sign divorce papers and that our divorce being finalized in June of this year have consistently harnessed her and her boyfriend, and a mention that we should arrange visitation for child through our pending divorce case here in my county, contradictions of statements she wrote and states in the report itself. I apologize for length, know details can be important. I need and appreciate any viewpoints, opinions, legal advice, general knowledge or other insights offered. I understand the importance of this hearing set in circuit court domestic relations division. Although she has two lawyers one fighting current dhr case one who has been using for divorce that still hasn't happened in 18 months she has threatened me with. I know a he is going for blood, wants to push to fullest extent, however I cannot afford legal representation. Please help wherever you can.