My uncle (mama) died, no will and I am the only daughter.

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing this letter with regards to the property of my deceased father Parvez Hyderali Topiwalla in May 2015. After the death of my father, I wrote a letter to the secretary of the society informing that I am the sole heir to the property owned by Mr. Parvez Hyderali Topiwalla. The letters were sent on the following dates:- 1 2 3 Even after sending three consecutive letters to the secretary of the Sindhudurth society, he did not acknowledge the letter and his response was rude and provocative towards me and looked down on me because of my age and sexuality. The secretary of the society kept forcing me to call, Firoza Maladwalla (the eldest sister residing in the U.K), and apologize to her and beg from her. He insisted if I do so, she might consider giving me a small amount of share. The secretary also mentioned by mistake that even he has received some monies from my aunties to act quickly and transfer all the property on her name and he also threatened me that he will transfer the property very soon. The secretary of the society was fully aware that, I am the only child and the sole owner of the property and even after having this knowledge he put a public notice in the newspaper asking for anyone to claim for the property. As per my knowledge, a nominee only act as a trustee till the child reaches the maturity age and I am fully capable of handling my financial situation myself. My father has taught me and has trained me to be a responsible person from the very beginning. I made clear in my letter that under no circumstances, no one should be allowed to access the property without my consent and even though after clear warnings and legal notice by my solicitor the secretary of the society broke the law and provided access to one of the aunty and uncle Hasina Daredia and Amir ali Daredia who is neither on the will nor a nominee on the property on 24th of October 2015. After the demise of my father, Hasina Daredia and Amir ali daredia were caught stealing 6 original Rado watches and cash worth Rs.3,00,000 from my father’s flat. After they were caught, Hasina Daredia said, ‘I will look after the monies and watches till the Judgment has been made by the court.’ I have the proof and witnesses related to the above mentioned statement. As Mentioned earlier Hasina Daredia and Amir Ali Daredia has no part to play, they are not the nominees, not on the will and have no right to inherit the property under Islamic law or Indian law. Therefore I seek assistance and would like to file a legal case against Hasina Daredia, Amir Ali Daredia and the Secreatary of the society Survanshi for not adhering to the notices. Hasina Daredia has committed serious Immigration and Criminal Offences in the United Kingdom and was also deported from the country. I have no faith and no trust in this women and I would like the court to put a stay away order on Hasina Daredia and Amir Ali Daredia. Could I also kindly ask the court to give a notice to Hasina Daredia and Amir Ali Daredia to return my father’s possession which they stole from the property as soon as possible, preferably within 14 working days? Is it possible to seal all the properties and possession of my father till the judgment has been made and under no circumstances whatsoever the property should be opened without the consent of the court. Lastly sir, it has only been six months of my father’s demise and It is a shame that these people are playing games against a young lady. I am a firm believer in Indian law and Islamic law and I am sure that the Indian Justice system and my religious justice system would never fail me. This is my situation please advice me.