Harassment and torture by wife

I am under serious problem , need your help.Problem in my marriage life. 1.I am only child of my parents without any siblings, both expired. 2. Got married in the year 2006 with a kid, my wife is working in a German mnc and getting salary of 13k per month.Since the beginning she was very rude and behavior against me was very commanding and dominating. I didn't liked this and used to have fight for long and she used to bit me and i never acted as there are lots of law if i beat her she might go to police and lodge a complaint. 3.Her parents started interfering in our life and my wife started having an affair with a guy of 48 years age , for 2 years and she left my home and started staying in her parents place in the year Oct , 2011 again after several discussion with her parents and request she came back to my home in t he year July 2012. 4.Again she started having affair with another guy , and in my absence the guy comes to my home.my wife all the time abuses me and say rough language and threat me if i stop her she will complaint against police and my organization HR that i am torturing her and harassing her now her parents also started saying the same story. 5.No she wants me to leave the house and take divorce and 50% of my salary as she is having a kid.she does not allow me to enter house(rented house) at night sometimes and force me to sleep on the sofa. 6.she is torturing me every day dat i have taken all the jewellery and forcing me to leave the home and pay them money every month.she is beating me with rod, belt , laptop charger cable and other stuffs. 7.if i wanted to stop her she threatening me that she will got to police, HR,social welfare society .. 8.I am sick and tired of all this and we both wants divorce , but for this kind of torture what legali action i can take please suggest. 9.She is totally backed by her boyfriend and he is a rich guy who giving all kind of suggestions how she can humiliate me.. kindly help as i want divorce as soon as possible