Landlord tenant issue regarding payment of electircity bill

Hi.. i am the tenant herein and i vacated the rental house before 1 month, without paying my electricity bill which is about Rs.11,000. but i have deposited caution deposit to the electricity board which is about Rs.7,000. i had given Rs.25,000 as advance to the land lord for the rental house. but he adjusted Rs.10,000 with the 2 months rent, But landlord claimed Rs. 15,000/- as maintenance charges for six years which he claims Rs. 2500 per year. But i denied his claims and asked him to take Rs.10,000/- as maintenance and other charges but to return Rs. 5,000/- to me to pay elctricity bill. but he rejected my claim and he threatened me to pay the eb bill, now he calls me through mobile and threatens to pay the due bill. what can i do... i cant pay the bill as i had already deposited Rs.7000/- as caution deposit to electricity board which cant be adjusted in the elctricity bill. i cant even get my advanced money which is illegally retained by the landlord by means of maintenance charges. but he did not spent even 2000 Rs. as for the above said maintenance. all the tenants will share for sewage disposal, water tank cleaning and other maintenance by monthly means. pls provide legal advice for me... Thank you..