Hindu family property division

Dear Legal Team - property/ Land matter, My late grandfather (Hindu family)had left few land in 3 places in one district. A1 - Old home near city railway station around 4000 sq feet 3 manjila B2 - Approx. 14 acre agriculture land, now close to 2 engineering college in my city C3 - one more agriculture land around 4 acre in a circle in that particular area a housing board colony. D - Late grandfather Y – Late first grand mother Y had 2 sons (YA, YB) Z - Late second grand mother Z had 2 sons (ZC, ZD) Now these 4 sons (YA-YB-ZC-ZD) have no understanding to solve this property matter. YA & YB have a kabja on property A. ZC has a kabja on property B. ZD has a kabja on property C. but after death of my late grandfather at 1981 till now all the property names only with my late grandfather. None of his wife (late) & none of their son has legal name in any property which he left. Now I belongs from 3rd generation & looking any kind of final solution comes from COURT & JUDGE as per Hindu property law where court will take a final decision on the basis of long family issue at India in state Chhattisgarh .Please suggest me & provide your valuable time.