Father mentally harrassing mother.

I am a single female girl in our family. My Ma and Baba live in West Bengal and for my study purpose, I am living in Jharkhand. Over the past three months, baba started doubting my ma, it's not all of a sudden, whenever Ma talks to any male, like her friend, he starts doubting. It has been 30 years of their marriage and when I was in college, my Baba was having an extra-marital affair. I was dependent on them, so I was against the divorce. I thought with time it will get better, and it got better, the covid time was really good, after covid when I moved out, and everything was normal, now over 6 six months he has not given 50% of his money to the family even took 10k from me, and hoping to take further. As my mother's thyroid lump surgery is scheduled in July, 23, it would cost almost 3 Lacs he started saying that I had also this I took homeopathy, it is like wasting money for him. He spends a lot of money outside, and he has four brothers, who take money from him, now Baba started torturing him by questioning my Ma's online time, he wants to torture her by bringing his own mother (my grandma) to our home, and want to take care of her by my Ma, my Ma herself ill, how she will take care of it. He has a controlling mentality, a high ego, and no respectful behavior towards Ma and is not given enough money to spend, no future planning, no health insurance, nothing. I am earning only 30k, what should I do now?