My Husband is not taking any financial responsibility

Hi, I am 36 year old female, blessed with 2 year old daughter, staying in my own flat since 2017. my husband stays with me. its been 10 years of our marriage, but presenlty looks like its on the verge of divorce. he is not taking any fincial responsibility at all. 15 days back, we had 1 very big fight, topic was, switching of light. but he did not. then he started fight with me, he started blaming on my parents and bla bla bla. i said to him in the fight, i am sending monthly electricity bill to your father, he will pay. the he got angry and he pushed me in our kitchen galary. next day evening i went to police station and made registered this complaint and made NC. I want to apply for divorce any how as i have experienced my husband is big time lier, fraud and irresposible. Background: I am MBA, HR with work experience of 10 years as HR Manager with a reputed company based in Mumbai and earning well manageable and suitable to me. i have taken 1 bhk flat in Nov 2017, and my home loan is going on so monthly EMI goes around INR 22000. recently for my travel conveience, i purchase two wheeler on loan, costing around INR 3500, i pay house maintenance monthly INR 1300, Electricity bill INR 750, Household things INR 5000. but my husband is not paying at all after i made complaint against him in police. in 2020, i done IVF treatment, and got blessed with daughter in July 2021. my father has paid for all the treatment cost and even my delivery and hospital changes. now my parents are taking care of my child in Pune, as i am working women, i cannot leave my job. my husband took discharge file from me saying the he will apply for mediclaim in his comppany, but after 3 months, i come to know that he never followed up with his mediclaim team for this maternity claim. and he also said that he did not receive any money from mediclaim. (point here is his irresponsible behaviour). i told this to my inlaws, but they said what is mediclaim. they were not aware about this mediclaim facility only.