Safeguarding Mother

Hi. My brother was recently married in Jan 2015. My sister in law has started the usual inconvenience trend ongoing nowadays. My brother is weak and seems to have fallen prey to her and does not respect my mother or me anymore. I work abroad and my family is based in Mumbai. Brother and his wife stays with my mom in my mothers house. We have given forgiveness several times but the situation does. It change. It's either brother and his wife is fighting or brother and his wife not looking after my mom and giving her mental pain. My mom wants them to leave the house and live separately. But these 2 don't listen and don't agree to leave at all. But continue to dishearten and cause mental stress to my mom. Recently, due to fight between my brother and his wife concluded on my brother sending his wife to her maiden house. Since then his wife has been trying to give hard time to my mother by calling and letting her come back. At first brother was on moms side but again has turned back and forcing mom to accept them to live in the house. But it has been confirmed after several attempts they both never change not improve. I don't want to cause my mother any more pain and wish to do something to protect her before giving them a final chance to stay together. My sister in law has also threatened before to commit suicide in the house and I'm worried that because of my brother and his wife, my mother will unnecessarily be affected. Mom has been ill a lot bcz of this mess. Can u pls advise what I can do to safeguard my mom legally before we allow brothers wife to return back in house and give them a final chance. Really in need of help.