Advice on what do if I don't want to take Customery DV

I just got married 4 months ago as per Hindu traditions.But, after marriage my wife started arguing with me on many non sense issues without any reason. Even if tried my best to convince her but she was not in good mood at all. Also, my mother in law started spreading false things about me like I m torturing my wife, I m impotent, etc. My wife left my home within 3 months and after that her parents are demanding DV from me. Wife already blocked all her sim cards so even if i want to talk with her about the matter, i can't. I suspect that she was having an affair before marriage but forcefully married by her parents. 1.Her parents are pressuring my family and me about 498A,dowry harrasement, mental harrasement allegations blah blah blah and forcing me to get 'customery Devorce' 3.They are pressuring my family that they have all proofs and recordings that we have demanded dowry and we should return all jewelry and money 'in cash' just on customery DV deed 4.Her parents n relatives threatened me for life on call and i also have recordings for it. 5.But I don't believe on my wife anymore because if i return every gifts and money merely on customery DV agreement then i fear that she will not come to court for mutual consent after 13 months of marriage which may put my future in danger. 6.My wife works at reputed software company n earns 25k/ months(or even more as she never showed her salary to me) & i also works in MNC with approx 25k/month earning. then why should I need to pay her alimony?please suggest. 7.also she may leave her job at the time or change company secretely just to show court that she is not earning and needs alimony. We both are engineers by profession. Please advice whether I should agree on so called customery DV, or suffer for one yr listening her parents demands as she looks in very hurry for DV as she want to remarry as per my prediction. They are threatning that if I want DV through court then i also need to pay alimony. Please advice how can I handle this situation to pass the time of one yr so that i can get proper DV decree through court. Note that I never wanted DV from her, she is the one who wants it, in fact I have never expected this from her as she was perfectly fine in first 2 months except some ego issues.But she belongs to feminist family. Now I also want DV, but through court only not through customs notary.