Dean of my college is harassimg me and discriminating against me.

The dean and dean’s office of my college has been mentally harassing me and pressurising me since January to repeat my second year without stating proper reasons. They have not published my results even though all my papers are graded. I was very unwell during my term 5 and had given genuine health certificate for leave but my certificates were returned to me and dean has been lying about me to my entire college and also to the VC due to which the VC’s office is not ready to even give me an appointment for meet. There were a lot of students similar to my case who did not qualify for degree (according to him) but everyone is convocated except for me. He went on to even lie that I threatened him with suicide for some reason but I never mentioned anything to anyone even remotely. I have a job that I need to join on July that is currently in danger due to this. I have been discriminated for very long and I have no support from college even though the Dean says otherwise to everyone. The Dean is using my case to threaten students to show his power when he realised that I am a sensitive person and I will not retaliate. My entire life is in danger since I have bipolar disorder and this harassment will continue if I repeat my second year because of selfish reasons of Dean.