Wife problems

Sir . I have been married for 2.5 years had a kid recently the behavior of my wife and inlaws causing problems was always there. But my after the kid . She has started to cause issues for no reason and he'll bound to break me away from my family. And keeping the kid away from me and my parents and has started to demand my parents property. Have a couple of questions. Dose my wife have right to my parents property? 1Can they use the kid to get my parents property. How can I keep my parents property safe just in case can they write a will to exclude out my kid . We have provided everything for my wife from gold to everyday need even though she earns a handsome salary and gives everything from the last rupee to her home. She doesn't cook or help with any house hold chores. After wedding she has spent most of her time at her home it's self . She continues to bad mouth and disrespect my old parents 60 plus we have give at most care to her but she and her mother are hell bound on creating problems and cauing separation . I have never received any respect from their place. Please suggest what can I do to protect my family.