Revision of guideline value impacting property sale

Seller is planning to sell a land at guideline value amounting to Rs. 1.2 cr for which unregistered sale agreement has already been signed by both parties in April 2023.. Now suddenly the State Government has increased the Guideline value and as a result amount as per revised guideline value comes to Rs. 1.8 cr . The buyer is ready to pay Stamp duty and register on the revised 1.8 cr. 1 What to do in the above circumstances. Should seller pay Capital gain tax even for money not received i.e 60 lakhs, since sale consideration that seller receives is only 1.2 cr 2 If seller pays Captial gain tax on 1.8 cr is it ok. Will Income tax department send notice for the difference amount of 60 lakhs which seller will never receive from the buyer. 3 What is the tax implication for the buyer as he is paying less consideration than what is declared for stamp duty. Will he get notice for income from other sources for 60 lakhs as he is getting a property worth 1.8 cr by paying only 1.2 cr. What is your advise