Divorce or Not

Hi I stay with wife at her parents home for sometime now. Her parents are so much involved and interfere in our relations. And thats why I asked wife that you select anyone from your parents or me. If u want relations with them then let's we get separated. Or if u want me in life then leave your patents. Its because we are fighting ever since her parents are involved in our life. Her parents tell and teach her all bad about me and my family and so my wife dont talk or behave good with my family and so my family also thinks that I am changed after marriage and so my relations with my own blood relatives are also spoiling. We have a girl child also. But believer me there is not even 1% fault from my side. I just want her to decode final ans to select me or her family. So if it goes bad and if we go for divorce .. Would I will be liable for any alimony or to give her monthly money for her and girl child.. What if she goes for divorce and I don't say YES for divorce. And suppose if we stay separate during this time .. Then too I will have to pay monthly bills of her and baby girl.. In spite of she stay with her parents and they are upper middle class family. And suppose if we both get ready for it. Will I have to pay her in one time or every month for her and baby s expenses.. I love her and baby really so much but I don't want her family and parents interference AT ALL in our life. I strictly wants her to STOP with her parents if she wants to spend life with me. Can I tell the judge to order her parents to stay away only from our happy life. Can judge and court can order parents to stay away even if my wife wants to stay in touch with them.. I love my wife and baby so much and even after divorce also I wish to provide financial help to both of them BY HEART I want it.. b BUT just for knowledge suppose what if I don't want any relation and do not want to share any help to them just become she want her parents only and not me.. As per my condition to select anyone of me or parents.. Please advice what to do..