Look Out Circular

3 year ago, My wife simply left Japan because she is Class one office in Central govt. and when she reached India, She and her family filed divorce, domestic violance, and 125-maintenance case against me. At the same time, she filed a complaint against me with the Women Cell and NRI Police Station. My brother has My Power attorney and he attended hearing in court as per the information provided by the lawyer. No FIR, No Court Order about LOC and No any pending case in NRI Police Station and Women Cell till date. recently, 10 days before, my brother visited NRI police station and they informed my brother that there is no case in NRI police station. SP HQ informed me 2 days ago that there is no record of my name. But last year, in January 2022, a trusted source from immigration told me that on my passport there was a discreet (a kind of spy) LOC. Now he has left that post, so there is no update. Please let me know, no FIR, no court order, and no other issue with me, Is it possible to put a LOC on possport? Please share your valuable advice with me because I am planning to go to India but it is about my career sir/mam.