Emotinal harrasement & torture at workplace

I am 32 yrs old working lady with 10+ yrs working exp.In present company I m working from last 3 yrs.My problem is concerned with me & my boss.he is 48 yrs old.After my joining in this company I got so many job responsibilities as i m always good in academic & work.I always use to interact with boss reg.given work.I always felt him like a gentlemen,knowledgeable person and ideal ,supporting boss.He use to praise me a lot for my works...I joined here in 2011. In 2012 first time he sent love proposal to me.I surprised and immediately rejected that.He apologized for same in that time.After that he always behaved like very friendly and caring boss to me and never showed his intention directly that he is having any bad intention for me...In 2014 Feb he got transferred to other location.From that moment his behavior changed abruptly.He went to new place of posting in Feb'2014.From there he started messaging me in private way.But initially he started in very official manner and I replied all his text message by thinking that he feel me as his dearest subordinate...but slowly he started texting me dirty messages..and I always requested him not to send all this because I don't like all this.But thing is I never slapped him,because I thought my career will get spoiled in this company.He always took advantage of me emotionally.He took me outside for lunch,I objected but at last went with him because i was in fear of loosing his influence for well being if my career...all this conversation was through text messages.As i deleted all things i do not have records.Now he has fought with his wife due to this and told his wife that me and my boss is in love with each other...which is totally wrong as per my point of view.Whatever response i mad to him was because I respected and trusted him like someone my own family person....His wife has filed divorce petition due to this.I am in fear that my name will get spoiled in this divorce case from his side and it will be danger for my carrier as well as social respect.My husband his very supportive for me and understood all happenings.he want to support me.Please help what to do????