Draft for appeal to the appelate authority

I was an Engineer In charge of a work contract. During intensive inspection of the contract by the department Vigilance group, few charges were framed and a charge memo was issued to me by the disciplinary authority. A representation was given by me and in response out of 7 charges 1 was dropped. And for the remaining a penalty order have been passed by the disciplinary authority. I feel that all the documents were recommended and approved by my superior authorities, and I have deliberately not committed any offense and just procedural deviation have taken place. I have also acted on verbal advises of my superiors which had led to the procedural deviations. Although multi tier recommendation/approval system exists but no superior has ever advised/corrected me before they provided the approval. But I have been made responsible for all the deviations while passing the disciplinary orders, although I was the junior most officer with least experience/knowledge/authority. I want to appeal to the appellate authority. In this regard I wanted to know whether I can get help to draft an appeal in this regard from here. Regards.