Need advice for FIR problem

Hi, My name is Anil Pandey. My home town is Jaunpur, U.P. There is a case going on between my family and neighbor's family for the land. case is: my neighbor's were two brothers. Elder brother had died and he hadn't any child. So my grandfather had bought the land of his part(that is distributed among the two brothers) by his wife through "Muwayeda". After this the younger brother had bought the same land by her Bhabhi through registry. After this the Elder brother's wife had died and we became to know this problem. So the case had fired. Problem is: The daughter of younger brother was building up a boundary with gate and we stopped her while she was doing so. Now she is firing wrong FIR again and again like my family is threatening her or we have beaten her or we said we will burn his house etc etc. Though police has not doing anything but still policeman is saying if this file will go ahead our career will be spoiled. Question is: What can we do in this case so that if she gave any FIR further then we need not to be worry about that? Please please please tell me the solution of this as I'm getting frustrated by this. Any kind of advice will be appreciated. Thanks, Anil Pandey