Bank Transfer matter vs OBC Bank

I had applied for transfer under special case(after marriage) in november 2014.Bank personnels and regional head dont want my transfer and willingly delayed the transfer for four month.I on daily basis go to their office,they misguide me.I got harrassed,depressed and frustated in such a manner in feb15 i got suffered from jaundice and being mentally irritated I left job and come my home place.Till thet day i hadn't joined Bank.Various correspondance took place between me and DGM and HRD RO.In all conversation they repeaditidily ask me join and no response on transfer. Further i want to tell you that my transfer is special one and i and my wife is in same Bank then also they have problem. I resigned also with reason,they didnot accept and ask for simple resignation.I give that also as they continuosly saying to take action and will not transfer you.I had given resignation in adverse condition as they make situation worst.But i had not pressed my resignation few days before and they are saying to come with medicals and join.I dont want to join that place where sich a non cooperation took place.They hurt my self respect,my freedom of life and expression,they exploit me. What should i do now?