Unregistered will

Hi Sir, My grandfather kept an unregistered will stating that " My property should used my wife and 5 sons after their life that should go to my grandchild (Male and female) of my son's" My grandmother died on 2002. Now my parent is trying to sell that property and they are giving the share only to my brother. Do I have rights to proceed legally to get my share. My father said that he only has the rights and after his life only i have the rights so he is selling before he dies. He is going to give to his son (My brother) but not to me. Is that true? or I too have the rights?. My personal story "As a girl I paid all his debts and i gave them the food by working. I put lot of the loans and gave to them. My father is jobless and my brother is drugs addicted but married he has one kid. he is also job less. Now I am in lot of loans and they are cheating me only for the reason I did love marriage. from my 11th std I did part time job and studied myself and working by god's help" Please help to get at least small part of the amount to come out from the loans ( What i gave to my brothers marriage ). So that I will be happy with my husband. Thank you