Cancelling wedding after engagement

Hi All, 1 months back I have mad blunder mistake in my life. Got engaged and the relationship is not working out well so i called of the Marriage. Below is my story, I am currently in US and had been for vacation, At that time due to family pressure got engaged in hurry with a girl, Before engagement i have visited to their home twice and I tired to spoke with her second time but she didn’t responded well. I told to my parents but girl’s side already they have fixed the engagement dates, my parents were very happy and no one took my point serious, I also went with my parent’s happiness and afterwards I spoke with her on phone and it was a friendly talk and everything went fine. NOTE: Before Engagement I never met her alone as she avoided that she can’t meet. After 2 days we got engaged in hurry as i need to travel back to US. On the day of engagement one thing came to me Can I live with this girl whole life? i didn’t had answer then I met her 3 times but i couldn’t able to mingle with her, I was not comfortable with her don’t know why. After going back to US, we were talking on phone for couple of days only. I tired many times to adjust, but i can’t act everyday and it was hurting her also. We stopped talking and i discussed with girl and she also agreed that it is not working out and we called off. Now the Girls side they are not ready to accept this. So they started pressuring/Harassing my parents and now they have gone to extreme level have filled a 420 Case against my family. I am 100% sure I will not get marry in my life. Please advice how can I proceed? What are the consequences I may face and how to handle this? Currently I am in US, do I need to travel to Delhi, India? Any problem to my Job / H1 VISA? I have exchanged only ring no demands made from our side. Girls side they did Small engagement ceremony in their home. Not that much expensive. Thanks for the advice