Nri and agricultural land inheritance (Property Law)

Sir/Madam, I am PIO card holder, born in India and currently hold US Citizenship (NRI), but settled in India for good. We are from Agricultural family , owns quite a bit of farming land and most of them was self acquired by my father. He kept half of the land in my mothers name and that has become self acquired property by her own. My father died last year and in the process of dividing the property. We are only two sons and no daughters and the property division is very amicable within us. We are planning to do partition deed for my fathers property (as he already died) and gift settlement deed (settlement-familiy members) for my mothers property. This is in state of TamilNadu and I believe mothers property always passes like a gift settlement deed when they alive. Questions: Being a NRI, do I need to do any other legal documents?. Will the property received from my father and mother considered has inheritance? What is the difference b/w gift deed by someone vs gift settlement deed by parents? Thanks Shashi.