Disputes in marriage

Hi Sir/Maam, I got married on Dec 2021 and since then I always had disputes in my marriage. I had been employed for 6yrs and after marriage due to pressurize from my mother in law and husband I had to quit my job and be a proper housewife. In this mean time we always had a disputes for some or the other reason. Along with the mental torture , I have also faced physical torture from my husband in the form of slap, hitting with belts, pressing my necks and sometimes throwing me anything whatever is there in his hand. Apart from this it's been twice that due to anger he has taken knife for hurting me but have hurted himself, once he was also taken to hospital for stitches in his wound, although he harmed himself and blame came on me. In my this tenurity of marriage everytime he used to complain my mother and father for my behaviour. Now when im doing everything alright according to his wish he still has a problem stating why I'm doing everything alright. He always speaks bad thing about my mother and father and my siblings. And he is asking me not to keep contact with my parents. I have come to know that his mother is the main culprit between us and who is the main person for creating disputes between us. Another important matter is that my brother in law has forcefully kissed me on my lips, when i said this to my husband and mother inlaw then no action was taken. Few days back he started touching my body always and this same was noticed by my mother in law. I then said my husband about this and instead of protecting me he keeps abusing me. Today his mother had said both of us that it's better you both get divorce if you both have the arguments always. I never wanted a divorce as this is my second marriage but I also cannot accept my self respect going down and no protection from this marriage. Kindly advise.