Divorce under islamic jurisprudence

Hi! I had been married for nearly 3 years(2years 10months) My parents weren't too well to do, and we had an asbestos house. Before marriage our parents had shown both my native house as well as my rental house where I lived with respect to my job. My parents also mentioned that usually women in our house do the house works. Cooking cleaning etc. Which the other party agreed saying it's fine. Only after few days my wife started throwing tantrums that she will not cook or do household work as they had servants at her parents home. Meanwhile she hadn't completed her graduation for which she use to spent most of her times at her native for which I had paid the examination/admission fees etc apart from whatever expenditure she incurred at her home. She keep fighting with my family even her family got involved and come to our home and start abusing me and family and took her. My wife use to tell lots of lies even when I and my family had taken care of all her needs. And when I try to confront her she threaten me by saying I will sue you in false cases. She didn't returned home. we married during covid period and since covid was over I had come back to my place of job. She came directly with her brother to my place instead of going to my native(she had told that she will go to my native first and my father will bring her) and insisted on having child, initially which I was reluctant by all the drama but I complied. I spent lots of money on drs and tests for this. Finally we conceived.But since eid was near, I proposed to go together to my native for eid, which she denied and this started few more fights between us. At one day when I was at office, she went behind my back by just sending a sms that I am leaving. My parents found out that she was with her family but then left for her home. She didn't contacted me neither tried to talk or sort out things. Unfortunately my father died, she came when I asked her but lived only for 2 days. She then bore a child(girl), for her I purchased lots of gifts and clothes. After presenting them to her she start accusing me that I had given someone else clothes etc. Even when they were brand new and from firstcry brand. She started fighting again and stopped taking to me Neither she cared for my well being and my families. Now one day she started abusing my mother and her sister started threating me with "cases" again. After that she hadn't shown me child, since 4 months. Even I had now sent clothes and other stuff for eid. Asking whether she received she didn't replied. What are my legal options. Can I give her talaq. How can I gain custody of child?