Overly strict parents

Hello i am a 18 year old girl My parents are very strict They dont let me do the following things:- 1 not to do any hairstyle or open my hair 2 not to do makeup if i want to i cant even buy any they wont give me money 3 if i want to do a job and earn money i am not allowed to and even if i do hold a job they say they will be the nominee of my bank account and wont let me spend my own money however i like Usually i have seen parents being proud that their child wants to be independent but they are different 4 wont let me hang out with my friends My friends are all well mannered not into drugs aor alchohol and not into clubbing but they still dont allow me to go outside in a park to meet them they always come with me to keep an eye on me whether there is a boy in the park or am i talking to a boy or not I am not allwed to have a male friend and if i do they say stuff like you have embarrassed us and insulted us in the society They body shame me and say you are fat They let my brother have a car and buy him whatever he likes and not me I found a coaching centre for the preparation of entrance exam and say you will not go here and go somewhere i dont want to They have ideology that girls should not be allowed to go outside with their friends, not be allowed to talk to any boy otherwise she is a dishrace to the family ,not be allowed to do any hairstyle aor makeup before marriage, and also not hold a job They wont let me buy anything i want and wont let me hold a job or have my own bank account I hope this gave you some insight i wanted to write more and it would have been lenghty and also i wanted to write in hindi Can you give me a solution