I Hav been married from past 8 yrs I hve a daughtr hsbnd is an army officer my in-laws they Dnt stay wd us but often visit us or we visit them but they fully control my hsbnd by throwing tantrums and emotional blackmailing since v next day of our marriage my inlws commenting for dowry and pass comments on my parents and create unnecessary issues in the house..n coz of false stories created by them..several times my husband has hit me ...this time again they did same n I told them that Nw I will lodge harrassment and DV complaint against u all they said there is no proof and said we will lodge complaint of daughterinlaw harrassing their in-laws against you..I don't know what to do now I m getting depressd and all this is also affecting my child I feelsohelpless my hsbnd says you getout of the house if you can't live according to my parents I Hav marryyou for my parents .and my in-laws are v gud at shedding tears in front of others n always proove me wrng Nw m Jst fed up of Ths I hv startd loosing confidence I am highly qwalified Jst cz of hsbnds job m working as a teacher ...please help me