Tender Condition

Dear Sir According to a published tender - Supplier should be a member of BIFMA( Business and institutional furniture manufacturer association).The membership of GRIHA ( Green rating for integrated habitat assessment) or IGBC ( Indian green building ) will also be preferred. Certificate to be provided The Clause mentioned above is unjustified, BIFMA or IGBC or GRIHA: these certifications, it seems, have been incorporated at the behest of some of the manufacturer as there are very few firms who have these certifications. The main reason for not procuring these certifications is that the same are not recognized by the Indian govt. Please refer ministry of consumer affairs, food and public distribution wherein there is no mention of BIFMA . These certifications are USA based certifications and it is not binding on the Indian industry to procure these. What is important for furniture manufacturer is ISO 9001/2008, ISO 14001 which is for the environment management system and OHSAS-18001. Can you please brief me about the clause from ministry of consumer affairs? Regards, Bharat Jain