How am i involved in this?

I work with one of my college friend as a partner in business just came to INDIA a year ago and my friends brother in law gave some cheques to one person and did stop payment and had taken money from that person. Now that person whom he had taken money had filed a case against my friend and his father in law framing me and my friends father in law and his other daughter and my friends brother in laws wife all. so that any one from his family get harassed and pay him is money . I don't know when that fellow took money and from whom as Its non of my business and I don't know any of them neither that person whom my friends brother in law took money and how much and when. now police had issued an 202 enquiry under M case. Which I never received as the notice was sent to the business premises which no longer is our postal address. I dint take any money, neither I gave any cheques as security or nothing in writing. I just know my friends brother in law as his brother in law nothing more. My Friend had gone to police station as they called him and read the case against me and him with following Act(s): Indian Penal Code Under Section(s): 323,405,406,418,420,506,34