Being stalked by a girl

I have been friends with a girl for the past 3 years - she is interested in a relationship and I am not. I made this clear almost a year back that I don't see her in that way. We have not been physical - except for one occasion when she initiated it and I ran out of her house (I have an email from her blaming me for this). This incident happened over 6 months back. After this event, I have tried to break contact with her. However, she keeps sending me emails and texts saying 'we' should be together, and she has turned up un-announced at my workplace on 2 occasions in the past month. I have repeatedly made it clear that I am not interested, but the emails persist. Between last night and today morning, she has emailed me 19 times - I responded to her 5 times - clearly mentioning in the first mail that I see her as a friend, nothing beyond that and that she needs to move on in the subsequent mails. I have been saving chat transcripts and SMS messages for the past 4 months. I have all the old emails that have been exchanged between us. This girl has been in touch with me continuously even after the event I mentioned in the first paragraph - including an email where she has said to me that 'sex without complications does happen'. Secondly, she often seems to have a sob story. About 1 month after the incident I mentioned in para-1, she told me that she had been molested as a child - because of which I felt protective and didn't cut her off completely. However, in the past 3 months, she has told me of the following problems that she has been facing: 1. A loud co-worker who often quarrels with her at workplace 2. Being subject to lewd comments on the street 3. A drunk property broker turning up at her door at an odd hour, demanding money. I now suspect some of these problems may have been tricks to grab attention. I have the following questions: 1. Is this stalking? What can I do to put a stop to this? 2. Am I at risk of any legal trouble - can this girl embroil me in any false/made-up cases of molestation? If so, what should I do to protect myself? I'll be grateful for advice.