What to do in My Current Marriage Situation?

We got married in June 2022 and It is arranged marriage with mutual consent. I work outside India. I am having problems with my marriage due to my wife's lack of respect and lack of communication. Before marriage, her behavior shows compatible and manageable, well friendly but things changed soon after the marriage. Started daily conflict for silly things and stops talking for multiple days, whenever I tried to talk to her if she wants, she responds or just ignores my text/call every time. She doesn’t listen to her parents and her parent expect me to be the way she likes. She doesn’t like to stay with my parents or me, even after she comes, she goes to her parents without our consent. Initially, I was not able to bring her with me because of visa issue and I tried hard and I brought her here, she was fine for a week then started tantrum, again she was back to her original behavior, staying in separate room, being on phone, chatting/call/gaming whole day and night, not talking/responding to me. She doesn’t help with house chores and said doesn't expect me to be like all other wives. I visited India to talk to both parents and resolve the issue, but she denied to come back. Later conveyed to her mother that she has Hepatitis B, undergoing treatment here which they were hiding from me. All I knew till now is that she is not interested in the marriage just her parents want to make me involved and keeps pampering her and taking care of her (only by sending money and calling) with no respect or care in return. I am seeking legal advice to know how I can free myself from this situation. It’s affecting my personal and professional life as well.