I want Divorce but, My wife may not give easily

Me & My wife were staying alone since last 6 years. We have one daughter also. I am suffering from her nature since marriage. Her nature is like, she is having problem with each & every person from my family as well as her family. She only finds negative in other persons. She doesn't understand value of relations with relatives, Neighbours, family...etc. She creates issue with everyone & spoil relations with them. She doesn't know how to talk with elders. Then also I treated her very good & supported her. Since marriage many times, our conversations reached at stage of divorce & later compromised & I continued relations. Now, I am tired & asked for divorce finally. I have no trust on her words. When there was a fight, She threatens to run away from home and kill herself & all. I am tired. Lastly, I also came to know about her past relation with her cousin brother that is totally unacceptable for me. Then also before 1 month I agreed for compromise but, with few conditions. But, She is not agreeing it & not allowing me to talk with my daughter. also not allowing me to meet my daughter. not responding my call, not giving divorce. We were staying in a flat which was by name of her father. during separation she has asked me to not to put my leg at her home. I found other but, they are also not giving my languages. During marriage life, due to some financial crises, with her support I sold around 200gms of her gold & her father also helped me at that time. I also agreed in retrurning back all their money but, Its not possible all together. I can pay around 2-3 lacs per year & like that way I can finish it. Can anyone suggest me what I can do further ? Thanks