Husband leaving to usa without informing

I left My husband's house as theyvhave been treating me badly again for past two months. The night before I left he had hit me for not responding to his question. Now after three months he sent some of my clothes and children's toys accompanied by his maternal uncle. His mother is constantly talking to my relatives saying bad things about me and cursing me. He called twice once to ask me to courier his old passport and second to ask for an otp to do credit card transaction....which I did as he asked.....we have 2 kids 7 years and 2 years old....he didn't even call and ask about kids once in this three months....please let me know how can I proceed legally from now on....I just want my jewellery and dowry money that I gave to him also half the money that my parents spent for wedding in 2014...I do not want to give him divorce as he will define remarry again as they have done the same with his younger brother previously....let me know what can I do get back my jewels and money that we gave