Suspension in medical college

Hello .....I need help to know my rights as an house surgeon in a medical institution ... To begin with , I am an intern at medical institution in dharwad and am in 6th month of my compulsory rotational internship for my MCI registration . Currently posted in super speciality postings (not as per MCI Guidelines) ...2 days back I have joined Pulmonology for a 30 day posting. I was called by a college student welfare officer where I was told to change my posting to paediatric surgery for a week due to ill health of the presiding intern and for clashes between the consultants...I wasn't sure and there was not written notice handed over. Next day I went to the SWO for discussing with him about my disinterest in the department and more so ever for the fact that the intern was misusing the system with false medical certificate and not being ill ....I apposed to join the department and wanted to discuss the fact....on hearing this my SWO officer threw a fit of rage and accused me of being theif ....and being disloyal towards a duty.....I was suspended .....This has hurt me both emotionally , mentally and career. ..kindly help regards to the legality and right ad an house surgeon ....please help.