Alimony and child support

I came out of my husband's house 2.5 years back on 4th August 2019. We are married for 12 yrs now. I had an experience of working in a Software filed for 7yrs. I resigned from my job when I was 8 months pregnant. We had marital problems from the beginning of the marriage. My in-laws and my husband never considered me as a part of their family. And they used to scold my parents and mentally torture me. Even though we were in the above flat from my in-laws, my husband always used to go their for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and for any festivals. He even use to take our daughter(then 5yr old) to his parents place during festivals leaving me alone in the house. Once he had planned to take my daughter to canada for 15 days to his sister's place, where my in-laws had gone for few months to stay there. He just used to come home to bed to sleep with me. Finally when I lost my patience and temper I came out of that house. My husband never used to give money for house expenses before, I used to take care of most of the house expenses as I was working. Then after my savings were over I used to ask him to pay for the expenses. Only from 2019 he started paying 10k per month for the house expense after a councellor advised him to do so. But he was not happy about it but he paid. But after I came out from that house my husband has not paid a single penny for my and my daughter's expenses. Finally I had to look for a job and started working in Nov 2021. I had to shift to an apartment with all the facilities so that it is close to her school and also I can send her to other after school activity classes, so that she will be engaged when I am working. I am staying with my parents now. With all the rent and other classes fees, monthly expenses, yearly vacations I am hardly saving anything. My husband is not ready to pay for any of the other expenses other than the school fees which hardly comes to 1lakh a year. He says he gets around 22lakh salary. My father in law has an shared ancestral property in an area which is in the core of Bangalore. The property is divided among 2 owners. My husband and his sister have built 3bhk and 2bhk respectively in this shared property, but I am not sure if the property is transferred officially in my husband's name. He has house loan, monthly he pays 40k. He claims he doesn't have enough money for himself after all his and his parents expenses hence he cannot give alimony or child support. I get salary that's half of what he is getting. Am I eligible to get alimony and child support? Please note I also own a small 2bhk but that's too far from my daughters school, I am forced to stay in a rented apartment with high rent and maintenance. Please advise how much alimony and child maintenance I can claim in this situation.