Girl found mentally disturbed and bipolar within a week after marriage

Found the girl mentally unstable within a week after marriage..... She was Talking to her own...on asking she told about her hallucinations and bipolar behaviour.. We got scared and called her parents when she was screaming and abusing people publicly... They said she must be tired and nothing else.. They tried to hide the things.... But she was out of control.. On repeatedly asking the parents said she has a problem of nervousness for which takes some pills... U can the pills in her handbag... But still she was uncontrollable.. Then we asked again and the parents suggested to give her one more pill... But the situation worsen.. We requested the parents to come and help her with her medical condition and tell us the truth so that we can help her... Then the parents told us about her medical condition which she was suffering from we and her parents took her to the same doctor where she was undergoing the treatment previous and doctor clearly mentioned in front of parents and others that the doctor never advised the parents to marry her... Such patients are vry i