My name is Richa Sharma. I got married on the 29th June, 2012. It was an arranged marriage. I had been facing issues in my married life since then. My in-laws frequently taunted me for the arrangements that were there in the ceremony. My mother in law, time and again, taunted for gold chain, and such matters kept arising from time to time. All this lead to problems in my life. My relation with my husband started going bitter. I was often denied to talk to my Mom. However, I secretly used to talk to her. Now, since I was very frustrated, I took out my frustration on phone, in front of my mother, about my in laws, with not so good language. My brother in law secretly recorded all our talks, and now, when I am with my parents, they are warning me, and trying to create fear on that very basis. My husband had been very abusive and has beaten me up at times. Now, I want a divorce. I don't want to demand any alumny, but I want all my belongings back from them, which my parents gave me in marriage. I am seeking help in this matter badly.