Wife is absconding from her parents home. Their parents are blaming me and reported to local PS.

I got married in Aug 2021 and I don't know that she is suffering from Behavioural disorders. After 3 months we got to know about it still we accepted and moved on. Her behavior is weird and very wild from there onwards. She tried to kill me, my mother, and my maternal aunt. She didn't care about my needs and she never cooked or never did any household work. After lots of issues, we decided to report back to their parents. They are very dominant and blame us. On top of that, they told us we tortured her. She tried to escape from my house several times. Finally, we informed her parents that she is not feeling well and to take care of her for some days. Her father took her to their home. She escaped from their home and after a search with the help of the Police, we got her a nearby hostel. Thereafter, I decided to reach out to elders to inform her health condition and request her parents to take care of her for some days. But, they insulted us again when went there. Finally, I decided to break my relationship and issued a lawyer notice for Divorce. They also filed a case against me on PS and I also filed a case in the court for a divorce. After this, she absconded again. Now again her parents blame again for this (Her Absconding). They reported to Local PS that I'm the culprit for this. Police people want to enquire me now. I dont know where my life is going because of these people. Injustice happened to me on top of that I'm suffering from false allegations. Please advise what needs to be done to get released from this hell. Thank you